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Mauritius Prison Service (under the aegis of the Ministry of Defence and Rodrigues)


​​Q. ​What are the days and time of visits?​

A. Visits are granted to untried and convicted detainees in prisons on such days and time as scheduled and ordered by the Commissioner of Prisons. The days and time of visits for each category of detainees in each institution are tabled below.

(Kindly note that the Days and Time of Visits are being reviewed and the new schedule of visit shall be published in due Course".)
​​​​Institutions                                  Da​​ys of vi​sits  ​(08.30 to 15.00 hours) ​                 Category                
Central Prison                             Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays​                        Remand
​                                                          Fridays and Saturdays​                                          Convicted
​​CYC Boys                                         Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays​                 Remand & Convicted
​CYC Girls                                          Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays​                 Remand & Convicted​
Eastern High Security Prison      Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Friday​s
                                                    and Saturdays​                                                   
​GRNW Remand Prison               ​Mondays and Thursdays​                                   Remand
​                                                    Saturdays                                                          Convicted 
​New Wing Prison                        Tuesdays and Thursdays                                   Remand
​                                                    Fridays and Saturdays​                                       Convicted 
​Open Prison for Women​             Mondays and Saturdays                                    Convicted 
​Petit Verger Prison                      Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays                 Convicted
​Phoenix Prison                            Tuesdays                                                           Remand
​                                                    Fridays                                                               Convicted
​​Richelieu Open Prison                Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays                 Convicted
Women Prison                            Tuesdays and Thursdays                                   Remand
​                                                         Mondays and Saturdays​                                     Convicted​​

​​Q. ​How many visitors are allowed per detainee?

A. On admission all detainees are allowed to declare five persons as next of kin. These five persons shall be deemed to be the authorised visitors of the detainee (untried and convicted).

​​Q. ​How many visitors are allowed per detainee at a tim​e?

A. Not more than three visitors are allowed to visit a detainee at a time​

​​Q. ​What is the length of a visit?​​

A. Visitors are allowed only
(i) 15 minutes for remand detainees
(ii) 15 minutes for convicted detainees on admission; and
(iii) 30 minutes for other convicted detainees.
There is no time limit on visits of Embassies and Consulates

 ​​Q. ​What are the main purpose of visits?​​​

  • Detainees are given the chance to spend some quality time with their loved ones
  • Visits create positive relationship and strengthen family ties between detainees and their loved ones; 
  • Visits reduce stress, boredom, isolation and uplift self-esteem of detainees during incarceration period; 
  • Visits and Privileged Visits encourage detainees to adhere to the rules and regulations of the prison;
  • ​Detainees do not feel left out by their loved ones and are motivated to redress their offending behaviour to become useful citizens once released. 

 ​​Q. ​What are the different types of visits?​​​​

A: The different types of vists are:

  • Closed Visit 
     When a detainee and a visitor are separated by glass/bars and cannot make physical contact. 

  • Contact Visit 
    when a detainee and a visitor are allowed physical contact. During such visits, detainees and visitors are seated on opposite sides of the table. 
  • Skype Visit 
    when detainees are allowed to converse with their relatives via video conferencing. Such visits are normally granted to foreigners and only upon application approved by the Officer-in-Charge to Mauritian detainees.  
  • Inter-institutional Visits 
    visits are allowed between detainees incarcerated in different prisons. Prior to inter-institutional visits, the visits have to be approved. As far as practicable, all inter-institutional visits are skype-visits held on Wednesdays. Where female detainees are allowed to visit male detainees, the visits take place in the male prison and in the presence of a female officer. Such visits are granted subject to confirmation of the visitors being near relatives. 

  • Visit to foreign detainees 
    When a foreign detainee requests to be visited by his relatives calling in Mauritius, clearance must be obtained from police prior to allowing such visits. Particulars of the visitors such as names, true and exact copies of passport and proof of relationship must be received well in advance for onward transmission to the Commissioner of Police. 
  • Visit from Embassies/Consulates 
    Requests for Visits by Embassies/Consulates are received at the Commissioner’s Office. Only after the Commissioner has given his approval that such visits are allowed.

  • Visits of Barristers 
    On line applications​ duly filled by barristers should reach the Office of the Commissioner of Prison at least 48 hours (2 working days) prior to the set date of visit as per established procedures. After approval is received, the visit is allowed. ​