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Mauritius Prison Service (under the aegis of the Ministry of Defence and Rodrigues)
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Mauritius Prison Service, winner of NPCC Productivity Award 2014

Start Time: September 24, 2014 17:00 | End Time: September 24, 2014 19:00
Location: unknown

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It was a great honour and pride when the MPS team was called on stage to receive the NPCC Productivity Award 2014 for the category Government departments and parastatals.

The credit goes to the Mauritius Prison Service and specially to the Officers and detainees who daily work at the Bakery Unit to produce bread for all prisons in Mauritius, which makes the MPS self sufficient in bread.
It was MPS first time participation in the NPCC Award and as rightly mentioned by one of the officers “Coup d’essaie, coup de maitre”
For any individual or organisation participating in a contest, the aim  is to run for the prize.  The participation of MPS in the NPCC Productivity Award 2014, was a great opportunity to showcase the extended role of Prison Officers in the rehabilitation process and value the skills acquired by prisoners during the time they serve their sentence.
The Bakery Unit of the MPS is one among a number of other areas of productivity where detainees acquire skills and some even leave prison with an MITD certificate in hand.  Besides keeping detainees in safe and humane custody, the prison service helps prepare them for a useful life upon release.
Through its ten year strategic plan (2013 -2023), the Mauritius Prison Service is doing its best to help reduce the rate of re-offending in Mauritius in line with its vision for a safer Mauritius through best correctional practice.

Why has MPS won the Award?

 The project
  •        meets the Vision and Mission of the Organisation
  •         provides meaningful and productive activity to detainees
  •         upholds self sufficiency
  •         reduces the cost of imprisonment
  •         provides industry standards of work experience
  •         offers skills training for possible employment after release

What is the NPCC Productivity Award?

The National Productivity and Competitiveness Council (NPCC) Productivity Award aims at giving recognition to individuals, businesses and public sector organisations for outstanding productivity initiatives with the following objectives:

  •         To create awareness on the importance of productivity improvement towards economic development
  •         ​To motivate enterprises to strive through sustained efforts to enhance productivity
  •       ​  To showcase and share success stories from organisations on productivity improvement initiatives for others to emulate​

A Brief History of MPS Bakery Unit 
  • The MPS Bakery Unit is a long tradition which started with a craft oven made of bricks and firewood during the British rule
  •  In the mid 1960’s the fame of the quality of prison bread was spread to the community
  •  Notables including the Governor General procured bread from the prison
  •  A cart was used to call daily from le Reduit to Beau Bassin to collect bread for the Governor
  •  In 1988 the French Embassy donated an electric oven to the prison service
  •  In 2006 the Bakery Unit was transferred from Beau Bassin Prison to New Wing Prison
  •  In 2009 fire broke out damaging a number of equipment
  •  Provision of bread was then made by private companies
  •  After renovation the Bakery Unit was operational in 2009 with still smaller capacity
  •  In 2012, the Bakery Unit was completely renovated and fully equipped with industrial ovens
  •  Daily production capacity was raised to over 10,000 rolls of bread catering for all prison institutions 
  •  Since January 2013, the Bakery Unit provides bread for trainees of the Police Training School
  •  Since February 2014, 500 loaves are supplied daily to the Rehabilitation Youth Centre for boys and girls.
  •  Since March 2014 a second State of the Art bakery is operational at the Eastern High Security Prison in Melrose.
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