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Mauritius Prison Service (under the aegis of the Prime Minister's Office)
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Our Goals and Objectives

Keep detainees in custody. ​​​
Maintain order, control, discipline and safe environment. 
Provide decent conditions for detainees and meet their needs, including medical care, advice on and help with personal problems.  

Provide positive regimes which help detainees to address their offending behaviour and prepare them to live a full and responsible life.  

Help towards rehabilitation of detainees. Provide a delivery of prison services using resources provided by Parliament with maximum efficiency. 
In meeting these goals, we co-operate closely with other criminal justice agencies and contribute to the effectiveness and development of the criminal justice system as a whole.


To monitor all statutory to intramural sentences.  

To provide a safe and healthy environment for the detainees which is conducive to their rehabilitation and spiritual enhancement and vocational training.  

To facilitate and safeguard ways and means for the detainees' contact with outside world, i.e. spouse, children, parents and next of kin.  

To provide the necessary structures that will be beneficial for all detainees in terms of education and vocational training. 
To apprise and sensitize the detainees on the ill effects of substance abuse and to empower them so that they may lead a drug-free life.  

To provide the detainees with all the required structures for their mental and physical development through sports and games.  

To continuously upgrade and rethink the existing physical structures of the prison so that they may be congruent with a healthy and peaceful environment.​