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Mauritius Prison Service (under the aegis of the Ministry of Defence and Rodrigues)


The Mauritius Prisons Service is staffed by Prison Officers including Hospital Personnel and Manual Workers, General Service Staff and Officers seconded from Ministries.  To date, the staff consists of:

​​Staff            ​​                                     No.
Prison Staff                          ​            1087
General Service Staff                           58
​Civilian Workers                                   54
​Hospital Staff                                       32
​Prison Welfare Staff                             14
Total                                                1245
The Prisons Service consists of Senior Management Officers and Junior Staffs.  The Senior Management Officers range from the Rank of Commissioner to Assistant Superintendent of Prisons and that of the Junior Staffs from the grade of Principal Prisons Officer to Prisons Officer/Senior Prisons Officer. The hierarchy is, therefore, viz 

GRADE                                                                NAME
Commissioner of Prisons                                       Mr P. Appadoo  
​Deputy Commissioner of Prisons                            Mr J. Rungadoo
​Deputy Commissioner of Prisons                            Mr R. Rughoobeer 
Deputy Commissioner of Prisons                            Mr V. Hanumunthadhu
​​Deputy Commissioner of Prisons                            Mrs G. Aubeeluck​
A​ssistant Commissioner of Prisons                  ​       Mr R. Lugun
Assistant Commissioner of Prisons​                         Mr J. Padaruth
A​ssistant Commissioner of Prisons                         Mr J. Levasseur​
Assistant Commissioner of Prisons​                         Mrs M. A. Nelson
​Assistant Commissioner of Prisons                         Mr M. Veerappa

Schedule of Shifts
The prisons staff is deployed in the following shifts:
Night Shift
Trade Shift
Office Hours
06.00 to 12.30
12.30 to 19.00
19.00 to 07.00 07.30 to 15.30
08.00 to 16.00